Day 2 of 2022

Today was another successful day!

Only, it was even better than successful!

I conquered today!

Home Spending Report

I came super close to caving and buying an item for the home today after I realized some pot and pan organizers, I had purchased a while back did not work for my set. It made it extra difficult for me knowing I left behind at our hold house, a very nice organizer.

I sat for a minute, my pans and pots scattered around me on the floor, feeling very defeated. I didn’t want to spend any money, but I also know I struggle to maintain these cabinets and it impacts my ability to feed us.

Which leads to take out.

Then, my husband spotted me in the floor, pouting, and asked me what was wrong. I vented a bit, feeling sorry for myself. He did was he does and immediately went into fix-it mode.

I could have let him fix it, but it would have cost me more than money.

Instead, I assured him it was ok and that I could figure something out. He said OKAY, but I knew if I didn’t figure something out, he would buy me a new organizer.

That’s when I started poking around in other cabinets, looking for anything that I could make work. I quickly realized that my bakeware fit into the slots meant for my pans and got to work on that cabinet. By organizing that cabinet, I freed up space in my bowl cabinet. Space in my bowl cabinet left me with a white, wire, expandable shelf with nowhere to go.

I sat back down at my pans and after some shifting things around, ended up with this!

Meal Plan Report

Our meals went according to plan today, but I’m realizing we don’t have as much leftovers as I expected we would. Going to have to either start fixing larger meals, or plan something for lunch.

Grocery Budget Report

I purchased a box of produce from the FlashFood app today. We are getting low on fruit and that is one thing my kiddos eat really well. It’s kind of a double bonus because it is marked down cheap, only $5, and it is food that would have been tossed for being not perfect or near going bad.

Grocery Budget: $42.63 – $5.00 = $37.63 Remaining


While getting the cabinets straight, I managed to get a small bit of stuff that I never used out and posted to my local free group. Hopefully it’ll be rehomed with someone who can make use of it soon.

More space and less to manage for me!