2022 No Spend Year

Areas of Spending

  • Groceries
  • Medical
  • Clothing
  • Birthday
  • Holiday
  • Home
  • Take Out/Delivery
  • Work Expenses
  • Entertainment
  • Exess

These are the areas of spending that I am mostly or fully responsible for managing for our household. Since I am the only one attempting a no spend year, I will be focusing on these categories.

The Plan

BudgetNot OptionalZero Spending
BirthdayTake Out
Work ExpensesHome

Budget Details

Grocery Budget – $100 per week/$5,200 per year (includes cleaning supplies, hygiene, pets, etc.)

Birthday Budget – $100 per kid/$300 per year (excludes cake)

Holiday Budget – $2,500 per year (includes Valentine’s Day, Easter, Halloween, Christmas)

Total Budgeted Spending for 2022 = $8,000

Zero Spending Details

Take Out/Delivery/Excess – Completely avoid & Copycat Take Out

Clothing/Home – Find free, borrow, do without (if an absolute need, shop second hand first)

Entertainment – Free ideas on internet, free or borrowed games/movies, Library (includes events/classes, books, movies/games)

No Spend Year Resources

  • Free Market (local Facebook group & library event)
  • Friends & Family
  • Library
  • DIY & Homemade

Budget Leftovers

Any money left over from budgeted categories will be applied toward our home mortgage of $266,270.08

Canceling Memberships & Subscriptions

Over the next few days, I’m going to be hunting down any memberships or subscriptions I’ve signed up for and get them canceled.

So far I’ve canceled…

  • Brickseek ($120)
  • Wal-Mart+ ($98)
  • Mealime ($36)
  • Tody ($5)

Canceling just these will save our family $259 in a year.

Just being honest here, I’m a little shocked at the total price for the year. Brickseek and Mealime are marketed as $10 and $3 per month, respectively, and it successfully tricked my mind into seeing the expense as cheap. Over $200 in subscriptions, especially some that I barely use, is not very cheap.