Day 11 of 2022

Today was another day that I realized that I did not plan as well as I thought I did at the start of this. I needed to make some school purchases for the kids. I am sticking to what we need, but I realized pretty quickly that I need a budget. I can get carried away with all the educational goodies they have available these days.

Due to this, I will be revamping my budget plan and will share my updated version asap.

My dish soap pump was running on E today. I went to the cleaning cabinet to get more and refill it when I spotted this bottle shoved in the back. It’s clear in color, but if you look closely, you can see that the bottle is still very full. I wanted to point this out because this bottle of dish soap is four years old, or older.

Truth is, I don’t even know for sure. I have been hoarding it because I see it as a “nice” dish soap. It’s more costly than what I buy, so I do not buy it. The consumerism, branding, and advertising push in this country have worked hard on this brain.

Today, however, I nearly emptied the entire bottle into my pump. It smells amazing, and in a few short weeks, it will be all used up.


Dinner that I remembered to put into the fridge the night before!

I’m pretty sure that meal planning is going to become part of my life. I am really digging not having to figure out what to fix. Over the weekend I let my meal planning lapse and I found myself right in my usual routine of pacing from the pantry to the fridge over and over.

Not a fan of that anymore.

Pretty proud of a green win today. I saw someone suggest using a black towel to clean out a cast iron pan and thought it was genius. The only problem is my no spend year. I was bummed, but stuck to my no spend goals.

Then, as I was about to grab a paper towel to clean up after breakfast, I remembered a wore out fundraising shirt I had pulled out of a load of laundry the day before.

A pair of scissors and a few seconds later and no spend problem solved! I now have washable black cloths for my cast iron pan!

Zero dollars spent 🙂